The Most Important Things to Be Aware of When Adopting

February 25, 2019

         Adopting a child is perhaps one of the biggest steps in a relationship for any couple.  Before jumping into the adoption process, it is important to know the correct steps that go into the process. Many questions may arise during this time and doing a research in advance is extremely beneficial to all parties involved.

         One of the most common questions that arise before adopting is “Do I have to be married to adopt?”.   The individual adopting may be married, single or even in a domestic partnership, but must be at least 18 years old.  The law also requires that the individual or couple adopting be at least 10 years older than the child.  Regulations and requirements regarding adoption may vary by state, but it is crucial to participate in an adoption home study.

         So, what is an adoption home study? An adoption home study is the agency’s way of conducting a formal assessment that determines readiness and credibility for prospective parents who are considering adoption.  The study will continue to determine whether the home is safe, nurturing and a stable environment for the new child. The home study will also involve interviews and health assessments with the parents.

         As a soon to be parent, it very important to hire an adoption attorney to further assist in the process. Finding an attorney that is well versed in the adoption laws pertaining to your state is extremely crucial. Attorneys whom devote their time and knowledge to adoption the adoption process will be helpful in assisting future parents with the legal process and any questions they may have going forward. On average, adoption of child can take anywhere from three months to a year. During this time, having an attorney will be crucial, being questions and certain circumstances may arise regarding the child. The adoption process can be lengthy, but it is worthwhile.

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