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January 15, 2020

Traumatic brain injuries are often permanent and life changing, affecting the lives of both the victim and their loved ones. While some brain injuries could not have been prevented, others are caused by the negligence of others, whether through a medical error, construction site accident or motor vehicle crash. In these cases, the brain injury attorneys at the GC Law Firm will seek full and fair compensation for the victim to cover medical bills, lost wages and similar damages.

If you or a loved one has suffered a brain injury, our attorneys may be able to assist with your claim.

Types of Traumatic Brain Injury

There are several types of traumatic brain injuries that can result from car crashes, slip and falls or other types of accidents. The following are among the most common types of head injuries:

– Concussions: A concussion is a type of closed head injury. After a sudden violent stop (e.g., from a car accident) the brain impacts the inside of the skull. The most common type of traumatic brain injury, a concussion could be classified anywhere from mild to severe. A mild concussion can cause temporary disorientation, headache, nausea, dizziness, and lack of motor function, in addition to many other symptoms. A severe concussion can lead to a coma or even death.

– Brain Contusions: A brain contusion is, simply put, a bruise on the brain. Its symptoms are similar to those of a concussion: dizziness, nausea, headache, etc. Additionally, depending on the area of the brain that is affected by the contusion, certain psychological issues can result, including vision, speech, memory, emotional, thinking, and hearing complications.

– Intracranial hemorrhaging: Intracranial hemorrhaging is the name for bleeding occurring within the brain or skull. It can occur within the brain tissue itself, or outside the brain. It often causes pressure in the skull that can damage brain tissue or squeeze the brain to the point of herniation, which is life threatening.

Most types of brain injuries, including those listed above, can cause long-term consequences that need to be addressed by the patient and their loved ones. In cases of severe brain injuries, the patient may develop behavioral, cognitive, emotional, and/or physical complications, requiring extensive periods of therapy, expensive drugs, and numerous doctors’ visits. In the most severe cases, coma and death can result.

Contact our Brain Injury Lawyers

At our firm, our brain injury attorneys have seen first and the life-changing effects a brain injury can have on a patient, and have dedicated their practice to ensuring these individuals are not deprived of the financial resources needed to deal with their injuries. In seeking compensation from the parties responsible for the injury, our attorneys work with economic professionals and long-term care specialists to determine the amount of compensation the brain injury victim will need for medical care, as well as to account for lost wages and/or an inability to work. Because brain injuries are often permanent, our New Jersey brain injury attorneys will see to it that financial recovery sought on behalf of the victim is proportional to both their current and future needs, as most TBI victims will require lifelong care.

If you or a loved one has suffered a traumatic brain injury, our attorneys can determine if you are entitled to financial compensation. Contact us at (201) 488-1825.

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