Child Education Advocacy Begins In The Home

October 21, 2021

If you believe your child’s needs or interests are not being met or they are being denied their rights, you may need to advocate for them.

No one knows or understands your child better than you. If people are making decisions for and about your child, your voice and point of view and your child’s voice and point of view will help to make sure these decisions are in the best interest of your loved one.

Understand the Issue
Make sure you have a clear understanding of the issues your child is facing. If you understand your child’s additional needs and the therapies and supports that can help them, you’ll be in a much better position to speak up on their behalf.

Think About What You Want for Your Child
Thinking about your child’s needs will help you decide what is in their best interest. It’s important to keep an open mind because there might be solutions that you have not yet thought of. Try to get as much information as possible so that you can make an informed decision about what to do. Speaking to other parents who’ve had similar experiences or joining a support group may help you discover useful information as well as emotional support.

Get Organized
Prepare for meetings you may have by making a list of important points you want to convey and any questions you have. Make sure to keep written records of every meeting as well as any emails and phone calls. Include the dates and times, who you met or spoke with and what was discussed. It will also be helpful to keep all relevant information and reports that will support your case. Make sure to keep all these documents for your records and to help your case if needed down the line.

Know your Child’s Rights
You’ll be more effective as an advocate if you know your child’s rights and the rules of the system in which you are advocating. At the Law Offices of George Christopoulos, we have experienced attorneys here to help. We can assist you in obtaining the proper placement and services for your child’s specific needs. Contact us today at (201) 488-1825 to discuss your options.

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