Preparing for the Divorce Process

March 27, 2019

         Dissolving a marriage can be one of the most emotionally and physically overwhelming experiences in a person’s life. To make the divorce process marginally easier, it is critical you first contact a trusted and experienced divorce attorney. An attorney can help streamline the process as well as inform you of your rights, options and what to expect. Even decisions that seem insignificant can have a substantial impact during divorce proceedings, so it is advised that you consult an attorney about any decision prior to taking action.

         Before beginning the divorce process, it also advised that you obtain all the documents that will serve a critical function during your divorce. Consult the following checklist to make sure all appropriate documents have been collected:

  • Copies of all licenses
  • Marriage certificate
  • Records of any nuptial or pre-nuptial agreements
  • Copies of any wills written
  • Copies of any and all trust documents

         Organizing bills and finances is also vital in maintaining a clean and simplistic structure in the divorce process. Additionally, it is wise to obtain a free credit report and apply for credit cards specifically in your own name. Confirming bank account numbers and balances to ensure complete financial accuracy is also important.

         Regarding personal property, you should consider hiring or looking into a mediator. Property such as cars, furniture, collectibles and even electronics can lead to disputes between parties.

         Finally, frequent communication with your attorney throughout the divorce process is key to a successful outcome. While divorce is unpleasant, your attorney can offer guidance, support and counsel to help you through this difficult period. 

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