Speeding & Points

April 30, 2019

         Traffic violations are fairly typical in New Jersey, with speeding as the most cited violation. A speeding violation will result in points on your license coupled with a hefty fine. Pursuant to New Jersey law, motorists are required to operate their vehicles at specific designated speeds.

         Speed limits vary by area. In New Jersey, the designated speed limit in a school zone or residential area is 25 miles per hour.  In certain low density, residential areas a speed limit of 35 miles per hour is typical. Additionally, the law provides that the speed limit on any other roadway is 50 miles per hour, 55 miles per hour on interstates, and 65 miles per hour on certain state highways.

         Of the various penalties, points on an individual’s license is the most damaging. How exactly does the point system work? Points are added based on the number of miles per hour an individual exceeds the speed limit. Surpassing the speed limit by 1-14 miles per hour results in 2 points. Exceeding the speed limit between 15-29 miles per hour over the limit results in 4 points. Over 30 miles per hour may result in 5 points.

         While speeding may result in a ticket, higher insurance rates, a large fine, and points is never ideal and can eventually lead to the revocation or suspension of your driver’s license.

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